BreakIt! Exclusive Feature

A Sneak Preview of Vince Bryant’s single “Famous”

From time to time, I run into Indie artists who deserve some shine. I’m going to do my part to put the good stuff out there… give me your feedback in return. #BreakIt!

Vince Bryant, a native Houstonian and Marine Vet, boasts a dynamic hip hop talent not often heard in the South.  My first impression of Vince Bryant is a lyrical assassin.  Coming off of 2 tours in Iraq, Vince has hit the Houston streets with some real heat! In a time when music has gone from content to clubtent, Vince is a rarity.  He reminds me of a time when hip hop fans loved to hear the lyrical content of music. I am still an old school connoisseur. Vince does an excellent job of keeping it new school braced by the backbone of the past.  If you can master the art or reviving a style lost you are an artist indeed – Vince Bryant is such an artist. 

Ladies, I live on the rough side of the mountain sometimes, but I promise just as much as Vince can lyrically slay the industry like an assassin, he has the gift of slaying women’s emotions with his lyrics. Sexual Odyssey will definitely peak the sexual inhibitions of any woman with its soulistic tones and seductive flow.  To quote from one of his latest Facebook posts, Vince says, “I am the POET of SEDICTION laced with infinite SEDUCTION.”

Check out Sexual Odyssey:

You can find Vince Bryant on:


  1. Vince Bryant says:

    I’m at a lost of words right now…Your something else….no really, you’re something else!!!!

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  3. queensprojekt says:

    Love this! Thanks for spotlighting this outstanding Indie Artist!

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