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Breaking the Labels has unleashed it’s new site for Get nDnews. Be sure to log on to to find out the latest info on Independent Music Artists making noise.

If you are an Independent artist and would like consideration for featuring on the site… send an EPK to For a full Album/Mixtape written review you may put in a request to get a professional review for only $25. All projects are reviewed by seasoned professionals in the industry who have worked with Platinum and Gold major artists.

Be sure to check out the latest on Get nDnews!



Houston “WE HAVE A PROBLEM” Breaking the Labels is hosting a FREE MUSIC INDUSTRY WORKSHOP/SEMINAR in the HOUSTON AREA… Damn what are these promoters gonna do now when you become more educated about the game.

If you are ready to become more industry SAVVY…. ready to step out of that booth to get the knowledge that will help you be successful in your career… We want to see you on Saturday, March 24th at the INDUSTRY.KNOWLEDGE = INDUSTRY.POWER (FREE WORKSHOP/SEMINAR) PRESENTED BY BREAKING THE LABELS

We are Positioning Independent Music Artists to Compete with the Majors

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Myths About Digital Distribution

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Lesson for today…. you have to have some kind of budget to be successful in this industry… whether it is limited or extensive. Whether you want to remain independent or prepare yourself to get signed to a major label… you have to build your image, your presence, your product and your paperwork!!! None of that stuff comes by way of being TOTALLY FREE! So in essence you may have to make a few sacrifices in order to see success. But ask yourself is the sacrifice worth it. Sacrifice for self means you believe in yourself… If you can’t sacrifice for self you can’t expect that others will.

Before a bank will give you a loan on your business… they want to see what you have invested in it yourself… they want to see how much you have progressed with the opportunity yourself… They want to see how much you believe in your own business. It is no different in the music industry. Before anyone will invest in you, monetarily or thru time and energy, they want to see how much you have invested or how much you are willing to invest in yourself!!!!

I mean how many ARTISTS have actually written down their BUSINESS PLAN…. PROJECT PLAN…. MARKETING PLAN…. ANY PLAN????? And compared it to their budget???? How much are you working with… how much is it going to take to accomplish one project and build presence with it… create an image for it, package it…. and generate some sales??? How are you going to go about accomplishing all of this and how much money and effort (sweat equity) is it going to take? How many artists have really considered all of this?

Now how many actually have the ability to do it themselves or build a team to d it for them? It can be done, but in the event you can’t do it yourself, guess what it is going to take a budget to get it done for you… What is your budget, who can you afford and what really makes sense to push? Are you pushing unnecessary things… or the real elements that will help you to be successful?