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Vince Bryant in Iraq Writing Lyrics After 9/11

Vince Bryant in Iraq Writing Lyrics After 9/11

Texas – September 11, 2011 – Effective Immediately – BreakIt! Distribution is proud to announce a new signing with Vince Bryant

BreakIt! Distribution is proud to announce its signing of Vince Bryant. Bryant has proven to remain true to Hip Hop as well as his country, serving 2 terms in Iraq preceding the tragedies of 9/11. It is only fitting that he embark upon another war, the Hip Hop Revolution, on the same day that he was boarding a flight to Camp Pendleton, when tragedy struck America’s peace and infrastructure on a mass level to engage in Marine Combat Training for the battle to come.

Some decide at some point in their lives, they have a love for music some decide they have a talent for music. Some, such as Vince Bryant are chosen for the music industry, to lead a culture — born and delivered into it like a breech baby feet first, landing firmly on the ground.  On November 20th, Leo and Lilla Bryant birthed the most spiritual MC into a strange land to represent as the chosen. Bryant is presently the most versatile artist in the Houston area — acting as a vocalist, song-writer, producer and lyricist, he has the ability to sing and rap comparably. Developing his drive and talent in the house of the Lord at the age of only 5 years old, Bryant was mesmerized and intrigued by the sound of his own voice, realizing he was blessed with a natural gift of music. He ventured and explored various genres and styles of music to test his skills. In 1985, Bryant took his career to another level, creating his own style of Hip Hop inspired by some of the most successful pioneers in the industry such as Whodini, LL Cool J, KRS1, Rakim and Public Enemy. Already established as a well-known producer himself, Bryant encountered producer Jeffrey Sadik McNeil in 2002. After their meeting the two inspired a major catalog of songs together blessed by the instant connection of their talents. Bryant’s inexorable rhymes and Sadik’s impervious beats cultivated a style of Hip Hop never delved upon in the community and proved to be intergalactic in reach.

In 1998, Vince Bryant was the first North-side artist to be recognized as a professional artist from the North-side, on DJ Screws 1998 mixtape release Outlaws. During a time when North-side and South-side Houston were not showing love, unless regionally, this was a huge accomplishment and solidified the beginnings of peace amongst the feuding sides of town. In 1999 Bryant a.k.a. the Bishop, at the time, began performing in the Houston area gaining notoriety throughout and today is one of the greatest underground artists in Houston.

Bryant released his first mixtape in 2005, titled, “Interview With A Veteran” while serving in the United States Marine Corps in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom soon to be followed by his debut album titled “Sadik McNeil Presents: Vince Bryant’s Greatest Hits Vol. VII.” Properly noted Sergeant Bryant, Bryant’s background as a U.S. Marine Combat Veteran, lyricist in the music industry, and a juvenile detention center drill instructor has culminated a diverse partnership in the vision to make drastic changes in the music industry and communities world-wide. His battle overseas to afford a country privileges and freedom, we at times take for granted, has never ended. He is now fighting a realistic battle right in the US to reach youth through the most miraculous influence known to them…  MUSIC!

BEHOLD I RETURN The Resurrection of Vince Bryant  — Americas chosen! The wait is now OVER!

You can find Vince Bryant at:
Twitter: @Vince_Bryant

Vince Bryant Live Footage from Iraq: 
Vince Bryant “Famous” produced by Davion Botts of Bottzworld Productions:
BreakIt! Distribution was birthed thru  97.6 BreakIt! Radio, an affiliate of ‘Breaking the Labels and BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association’. The radio station is dedicated to giving exposure to Indie Artists and reviving Hip Hop culture of the music and rap industry. The mainstreamed outlet of BreakIt! Distribution allows 97.6 BreakIt! Radio and its affiliates to position independent artists and labels of any and every genre to compete with major artists and labels on a global level.BreakIt! Distribution offers major distribution to over 600 media outlets, in addition to in-store CD placement, movie, film, cable and advertisement placement.97.6 BreakIt! Radio was established on November 9, 2010 as an innovative movement and means to reach people through music. Through community relations, marketing, PR and the support of independent artists and supporters, the station has experienced a rapid growth and has been proven to be one of a kind in internet radio. The purpose of this station is to help ALL Independent Artists to gain exposure. In the process of pushing this new station, the station owners, Vanessa Chozen Marie and Vince Bryant, have infused a movement they have coined the Official Hip Hop Revolution. In addition to hosting one of the most unique and exciting Hip Hop internet radio shows, Vince and Chozen are responsible for coordinating entertainment events in the Houston area at Hot Tv. The two contend – and it shows – this organization does not put on mere showcases; they actually assist artists in promoting themselves and breaking them into the industry through promotions, giving them radio play and by providing the artists and record labels with proper tools and advice to take them to the next level.Working together with Indie Artists, BreakIt! Distribution is ready to revive music culture globally!To find out more about BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association, visit their website: (currently under reconstruction)
Facebook Group:
Twitter: @breaknthelabels, @vince_bryant, @beastbysadik72 @h_m_management @PlatinumPCP, @iamsamshawjr, @DeepFreezz @flynorris
OK…. with all of the talk that’s going on about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim… do you think Kim handed Nicki her ass on this track? And uuuuuuuh check that pose… is that not another bad ass Kim Pose… I wonder if Nicki will try to do that one too or has she learned her lesson…. Nicki should become a vegetarian because she doesn’t digest BEEF very well.

Take a listen…. YOU TELL ME!


97.6 BreakIt! Radio Kick Off Party

97.6 BreakIt! Radio Kick Off Party

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2010, AT 9:00 PM, 97.6 BREAKIT! RADIO WILL HOST ITS OFFICIAL KICK OFF PARTY AT HOT TV, LOCATED AT 600 KENRICK DRIVE, SUITE E-16, HOUSTON, TX 77060. BreakIt! Radio invites the community out to enjoy Independent Artists as they break their talent on the Hot TV stage along with HIP HOP professionals such as K-Rino and Vince Bryant.  Also, special performing guests Golden Boy, Supa Sammy Veal, Sho Stoppa and Young Solar will blaze the stage at this hot event.


97.6 BreakIt! Radio, an affiliate of A Team Media and Broadcasting Company, stands at the forefront of making history in changing the face of entertainment as we know it. As a prominent force in their stance on a HIP HOP Revolutionary Movement, the breaking new radio station is set to revive HIP HOP globally, as well as give indie artists an avenue for exposure – breaking them into the industry.

In association with Breaking the Labels, the station owners, Vanessa Chozen Marie and Vince Bryant are dedicated to utilizing the station as a vehicle to “power” the voices of the people in many aspects. The two recognize music and entertainment as vehicles for fueling the MOVEMENT.  Through music and entertainment the two are working to positively impact their local community and abroad.

In this defining moment where all African American-owned media, entertainment and broadcasting companies are making history in Houston and the Gulf Coast Region, the owner of Hot TV (Houston’s Own Talent), Malik Rasheed, who has been a pillar in the community for surrounding artists has now moved the Hot TV Show to Channel 21 (UTN – Urban Television Network), an all African American-owned TV network. 97.6 BreakIt! Radio is proud to be a part of this historical moment, hosting the 97.6 BreakIt! Radio Kick Off Party at the very home that has been an avenue since 1999 for Houston artists to gain exposure.

97.6 BreakIt! Radio Red Carpet History Making Sponsors for this event are Nothin 2 Lose Records (Jason “JBlak” Jackson, Dwight Facey, and Justin Rimer), Real McCoy Entertainment (Blue Royale, Cori Wilikins, Shereece Campbell “MamaStackz”) and Tattoos by Kevo (Kevin Byrd). 

For more information regarding the Kick Off Party, contact (832) 969-5666 or email To become an event sponsor, vendor or to advertise your business at this event, contact Vanessa Chozen Marie at (832) 969-5666.

General Admission: $15.00
Performance Slots: $25
Open Bar and Free Buffet

For more information on Vanessa Chozen Marie or Vince Brant, visit:
Facebook: or​MostWanted/540619533
Breaking the Labels Blog Spot:
Radio Station Website: (Site is Under Construction)
Nothin 2 Lose Records:
Real McCoy Entertainment:!/pages/Real-Mccoy-Entertainment/140821552607057
Tattoos by Kevo:

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Tonight my eyes are weak but my spirit is willing… Just a thought that I want to put on the minds of people. Maybe this is more like a question that should provoke more thought on all of our parts. What happened to the “Black QUEEN?”  There was once a time when black women were held in the highest esteem.  It was reflected in power and in movement. Who is presently uplifting the black women?

We have fewer fathers who are in the lives of their princesses; therefore, many women are not growing to understand they were born to be QUEENS.  The father of a young lady has the responsibility of teaching her how precious she is. His job is to demonstrate to her, her true worth… that way no one can come along after him and show her anything less.

Music today is reminiscent of the lack of respect that has come to be developed towards our black women. As a young woman, I remember developing an interest in Tupac because of the words he shared about black women. When he spoke of his mother, in spite of their circumstance, in high regard he captured my ear.  “Even as a dope fiend mama. You always was a black queen mama…”  Those words have stuck with me since the beginning of ever hearing that song. What it showed me was that the black woman should be respected in spite of any flaws or faults she may have. She is not perfect, but she is nevertheless a QUEEN.

Black women have not reigned with a voice and evolutionary power since the era of “Power to the People” and black fists in the air. Their voices have become lighter than a feather and capable of evaporating in thin air. That power and strength must be revitalized.

Black men understand that BLACK QUEENS are the backbone of our culture. The starting point of the nurturing of your seeds. Hold black women in high esteem because they need your support and strength to help them to be strong enough raise the seeds of a nation strong.  As ‘Pac said, “There ain’t nothin’ like a Black woman.”  To take that even further… There is nothing like a black woman who has been raised to be a QUEEN… to raise nations of KINGS and QUEENS.

Dig deeper than these words take you and gauge your own thoughts on what it is to have a QUEEN in your life. Try to understand what it is to have a QUEEN raising KINGS and QUEENS in your image. That takes our people and our culture from slavedom to KINGdom.