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This was a beautiful poem presented to me by Prince Ledbetter. Ladies please recognize and understand there are men out here who believe in black QUEENS… who treat women with love and respect. If that man is out there… first recognize your QUEENship for yourself and he will then take notice.  Please enjoy.

“A Rarely Told Truth”

Stressful times are for women, but yet they keep trying
Sometimes they know better but keep on denying
Even the good ones can be deceiving, so that pain isn’t relieving
Trying to find a love, so they keep on believing

If I kiss you the right way, lick you the right way, stick you the right way.
I may just have my way. When in reality I should focus on loving you the right way
Women can’t help but fall for the games we play. It happens every single day.
I feel sorry for the women who throw their potential away. Just to make someone stay

No longer opportunities because you stopped what you were doing
You ever know someone whose life was ruined?
People laugh and say she got screwed over by the guy she was screwing
Giving her heart to the wrong man was her undoing

With us dudes we cant help but have a thirst
Cause the way life is it’s usually the man who messes up first
Maybe it was Adam and not Eve who did the worst
The good women out there have to deal with the daily curse

A real man should wrap his arms around his woman bow his head and pray
Then suddenly say; these arms will never desert you, nor will I raise a hand to hurt you
Treat my woman like an Egyptian Queen, believe in all her dreams
Cherish her like a goddess, fulfill every promise, and always be honest
Never let my ego subdue your goals and quest, for you I will always give my best,
I’ll love you always even at your worst. Together on this path forever and I have no problem with you making it first

But reality says that’s not always the case. Most men fall victim of the chase
 Women let them because their heart wanted someone to fill its space.
I know even the smart girls make some mistakes.
But keep them few and far between when dealing with the snakes

Now some good dudes have been hurt a tad. That’s how good dudes turn bad
 And because of this that’s why a lot women’s hearts end up sad.
Judging unfairly because of past bullshit. It hurts to know a love is full of shit
But I love my women who don’t quit. Still trying to make a way for love to fit

Finding the good within is like deciphering a foe from a friend.
Take heed to the lessons and you’ll find true love in the end.
The truth is the downfall of a good woman has been a bad man.
Like a father to his daughter, brother to his sister, lover to his love, from a stranger to a friend,

These are the truest words from this good man….

Quote the Prince

Tonight my eyes are weak but my spirit is willing… Just a thought that I want to put on the minds of people. Maybe this is more like a question that should provoke more thought on all of our parts. What happened to the “Black QUEEN?”  There was once a time when black women were held in the highest esteem.  It was reflected in power and in movement. Who is presently uplifting the black women?

We have fewer fathers who are in the lives of their princesses; therefore, many women are not growing to understand they were born to be QUEENS.  The father of a young lady has the responsibility of teaching her how precious she is. His job is to demonstrate to her, her true worth… that way no one can come along after him and show her anything less.

Music today is reminiscent of the lack of respect that has come to be developed towards our black women. As a young woman, I remember developing an interest in Tupac because of the words he shared about black women. When he spoke of his mother, in spite of their circumstance, in high regard he captured my ear.  “Even as a dope fiend mama. You always was a black queen mama…”  Those words have stuck with me since the beginning of ever hearing that song. What it showed me was that the black woman should be respected in spite of any flaws or faults she may have. She is not perfect, but she is nevertheless a QUEEN.

Black women have not reigned with a voice and evolutionary power since the era of “Power to the People” and black fists in the air. Their voices have become lighter than a feather and capable of evaporating in thin air. That power and strength must be revitalized.

Black men understand that BLACK QUEENS are the backbone of our culture. The starting point of the nurturing of your seeds. Hold black women in high esteem because they need your support and strength to help them to be strong enough raise the seeds of a nation strong.  As ‘Pac said, “There ain’t nothin’ like a Black woman.”  To take that even further… There is nothing like a black woman who has been raised to be a QUEEN… to raise nations of KINGS and QUEENS.

Dig deeper than these words take you and gauge your own thoughts on what it is to have a QUEEN in your life. Try to understand what it is to have a QUEEN raising KINGS and QUEENS in your image. That takes our people and our culture from slavedom to KINGdom.

He left sex all over me
Without even touching me
Stimulating my mind
With the intellectual grind
Peaked my interest
By sharing his best
That he left it all over me
Somehow I have no control of me
He’s not controlling me
But our conversations are molding me
To believe and sense the intensity
Anticipation has me waiting
He left sex all over me
The moment he touched the center of my hand
Seductively speaking
Got my interest peaking
He left sex all over me
Just being in the presence of me
Leaving me wanting the best of he
Game over you see
He left sex all over me
All over me
He left sex all over me

Natural born queen
So he planted his seed
She was God’s child
So they raised a king
It was already written
Lovers before birth
Manifested in the spirit
Made flesh on earth
Though they walked together
She still gave him the lead
Because she was his equal
He made her his queen
Embodied in purity
She took care of his needs
Protected his wealth
So all men could see
So untouchable
But to him she was loveable
Closed off to all others
He was her heart and soul
The riches of her womb
Would walk the earth
Build thrones upon land
Regain their self worth
From ancestors castrated
Past kings emasculated
Producing heir after heir
So past masters would hate it
Then speak peace
Through that sweetest release
Spirits intertwined
As they embrace and peak
Raped of the memories
Enslaved in the sheets
Of races mixing
He made her his queen
Beautiful brown skin
Like satin within
Milk like honey
His lover and friend
When he touched her flesh
He was no longer reminded of sin
The two became one
Where life begins
Natural born queen
So he planted his seed
She was God’s child
So they raised a king
It was already written
Lovers before birth
Manifested in the spirit
Made flesh on earth
Though they walked together
She still gave him the lead
Because she was his equal
And he made her his queen


He hit the streets like man
Gotta hustle real hard
Put a ring on her hand
He put the ring on her hand
She looked like man
Gotta fool him real hard
Hide the ring on her hand
He said he met her in a closet
Like a leaky faucet
She was running all out
And he wondered what the cause is
She said yeah I use to get molested
My family life was tested
So I hit the street corner
Where they asked me, “Who the best is?”
She looking like me
He looking like see
I can get you out the life
If you trust in me
So she worked the street habit
Said she had to have it
Not talking bout love
But the paper is a habit
In and outta hotels
Outta clothes like fashion
She a runway model
Or street corner has been
She use to run her mouth much
Familiar with the male touch
He thought it was crucial
That he love her like the future
Took her off the street corner
Sat her down for a meal
Said you wanna meet the coroner
She said naw you fa real
He said naw I’m not fa real
But fa real you just might
If you stay on them corners
Giving dome every night
She said don’t judge
You’n know nut’n bout my life
He said yeah you right
But you living real trife
That don’t mean I don’t love you
I been out here showing love too
Watching you for years
Making sure that you safe boo
Watching me for years?
She said it with an accent
New York strong
She said what… was it practice?
Naw just love
Trying to make sure you was safe
Just working up the nerve
To take you out this place
I been hustling real hard
Tryin’a get you up a ring
Since I first approached you
And ain’t had not a thing
Back then you shut me down
Said my paper wasn’t green
No cash all around me
You wasn’t ready for the king
She said what’s the deal
I got money to earn
And you talking all that mess
I done already heard
He pulled out the ring
Talking will you be my wife
I been yo’ body guard
You been living out yo’ life
I been here for you
When yo’ own heart
Really wasn’t
I been real patient
You casting stones at the covenant
Casting stones at covenant?
Naw I really wasn’t
What you talking bout
Men come a dime a dozen
While you been collecting dimes
You shoulda been my wife
Had this ring on yo’ finger
Took six years out my life
To approach you again
Now I got my money right
You gone act like you ain’t know
That you shoulda been my wife
Remember ’82
You told yo’ girl you had a dream
Said you saw yo’ Adam
And you were like his Eve
Tell me you can’t remember
I’m trying to bench you for the team
Not hold the past against you
Wipe the slate real clean
Yo’ girl’s name was Tina
She use to live up the block
Before she left the hood
She put a time on yo’ clock
Said six years from now
I hope you take his hand
He’s already here
Take the ring from his hand
Said take the ring from his hand
Then you was like damn
When I can make this paper
I’on need a ring on my hand
Put the ring on yo’ hand
Baby like damn
Casting stones at the covenant
You shitting on yo’ man
She hung her head low
Then she reached for the ring
Felt herself waking up
Realized it was a dream
In the hotel room
Reaching inside the cabinet
She put the ring on her hand
Just like it was a habit
Looked over her shoulder
Seen her lover laying there
While her husband was at work
And children, daycare
Put the ring on yo’ hand
Was inscribed inside the ring
Cause casting stones at the covenant
Ain’t nothing but a thing

Mama always told me
Girl, you are gonna get yo’ self a good husband
One who loves and cherishes you
One you can have fun with
And honey you are so pretty
I know he is gonna want a lot of kids
Ones you can raise and call yo own
Have a lot of wonderful talks with
Mama said
And girl you are so smart
I know you are gonna help that man
Run his house like an art
She said I see those boys watching you
They love to see you smile
They just be so filled up with you
I always see them hanging around here for a while
And you are a virtuous young lady
I know cuz I raised you that way
So that man will be blessed to get you
And he will know it in every way
Mama would carry on a bit
And we would keep working in the fields
She’d talk about how I would make a good wife
And silently I would be spinning my wheels
I didn’t wanna be a wife
I didn’t even want no kids
I didn’t care what boy was looking at me
I just knew I wanted to live
Run as far as I could from the country
Try to have me a good life
But all mama could talk about was me being a wife

(Ten years later)

I showed up on mama’s door step
With one suitcase and a belly
One daughter in my hand
Said hi mama this here is Shelly
I hadn’t seen mama in years
Not since the day I got married
I married some city boy
Who rode me away in a carriage
Mama said what you here for child
I haven’t seen you in so long
And where is yo’ husband
He ain’t gonna want you gone too long
I said I know mama
Is it ok if we come in
I put Shelly down
She and mama instantly became friends
Mama could see my face
She said now child don’t you worry
Whatever is the matter now
God will fix it in a hurry
You got yo’ self a real good husband
Who pays all the bills
You ain’t gotta work for nothing
Cuz you got a good man as yo shield
She just kept folding her clothes
And I began to cry
Mama said hush now child
Everything is gonna be alright
I said mama he beats me
He even pulls out my hair
Doesn’t matter if I am good to him
I must always beware
Mama stopped for a minute,
But she didn’t lift her head
She said me and yo’ daddy had those problems
But I don’t wanna talk about him now he’s dead
I said mama I can’t stay
And take this from that man no mo’
He beats me in front of Shelly
Even drags me cross the flo’
Mama said hush now child
Everything’s gonna be alright
You just pray and ask the Lord
To make that man alright
I said yes ma’am
Then I went to my old room
I left Shelly with mama
I was feeling so confused
I took a bottle of pills
How many I didn’t care
All I knew was
I felt pain everywhere

(The next morning)

Mama tried to wake me
But I didn’t make a sound
She even tried to move me
Shelly heard her voice resound
Mama cried hard
And Shelly didn’t understand
Mama regained her strength
Then took Shelly by the hand
She told Shelly
Well, baby doll
It looks like it’s just me and you
Yo mama is gone now
And here is what we gonna do
I want you to be a doctor
Not a nurse of the sorts
Cuz you can do anything
That is deep inside yo heart
I want you to be a lawyer
Matter of fact you should be the judge
You can sit on the Supreme Court
If you study them laws enough
I don’t ever want you to forget
That deep inside you have dreams
Don’t give them up for someone else
Shelly, not even for me
I tried to be a good mother
And an even better wife
But one thing I never did
Was live my own life
Now Shelly you promise me
Before you get too big
If you don’t do anything else
Promise me you gonna live

*** Note: We don’t have to take our children through our past… they have the right to be free

Vince Bryant

Vince Bryant

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From time to time, I run into Indie artists who deserve some shine. I’m going to do my part to put the good stuff out there… give me your feedback in return. #BreakIt!

Vince Bryant, a native Houstonian and Marine Vet, boasts a dynamic hip hop talent not often heard in the South.  My first impression of Vince Bryant is a lyrical assassin.  Get the full story:

Why am I so unique so complete
From my head to my feet
Not filled with conceit
I so humbly speak

It’s my hair, my style, the way that I smile
It’s the flow of my words, the twist of my lips
The way I shyly encounter you, though confident and swift

You may wonder why I’m so unique so complete
Why I am the full package from my head to my feet
It’s the way that I stand, the way that I walk
The way I enunciate my words each time I talk

Why am I so unique so complete
From my head to my feet
Not filled with conceit
I so humbly speak

It’s the conversation I make, the rules that I break
The consideration I give, the caution I take
It’s the way I capture a room with presence divine
The way I share my wisdom from an educated mind

You may wonder why I’m so unique so complete
Why I am the full package from my head to my feet
It’s the strength I possess, the way that I dress
Representing my womanhood I must confess

Why am I so unique so complete
From my head to my feet
Not filled with conceit
I so humbly speak

It’s my grace, my mind, the sparkle of my eyes
It’s the way I perceive, the depth of my thoughts
The way I naturally possess beauty and none that I bought

You may say why is she so unique so complete
Darling it’s everything I am from my head to my feet
I am the full package be it beauty or brain
I am everything I need and more than a name

I tell you why I am so unique so complete
From my head to my feet
Not filled with conceit
I so humbly speak

I don’t have to try to be
Virtuous and proud
I am the epitome of beauty
Inside and out

Now you know why I’m so unique so complete
Why I am the full package from my head to my feet
It’s the confidence I have to be secure in me
That when I step into a place the whole room can see

I am so unique so complete
From my head to my feet
Not filled with conceit