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Vince Most Wanted of Wartime Music and Faranhite of Playa Like Individuals Dropping Their Collaborative Album “Rise of the South” January 15, 2013!!!!

Breaking the Labels is proud to announce the COMING of the “Rise of the South” – a prolific Hip Hop music collaboration on the parts of Vince “Most Wanted” Bryant and Farand “Faranhite” John. The two are leading a project that is set to bring Southern Hip Hop back to the age of the Ghetto Boys and the Pimp C’s that we loved so much. Rise of the South is set for world-wide digital music and video distribution through BreakIt! Distribution.

The project is setting the tone for other artists to step up their game. It’s time to give the people better quality music, more selections and a balance. “Rise of the South” is as invigorating as its title! It’s going to infuse the community with a sense of ownership and power when it comes to getting what they want from the Entertainment community! No, this project is not about preaching a message, although there is a great message behind it all! This album will give us something to ride to and think about, all at the same time! With dynamic track selections by The BEAsTMASTER!, G-Hizzle, BLACSMITH and Young B. Seale, the people are going to get an explosion of hot music and lyrics. Listening sessions have already proven the project is attractive for all age groups!

Today, June 16th marks the birth of a genius, a hip hop warrior and martyr in this industry, Tupac A. Shakur. Since Tupac’s death, many artists have long forgotten his passion in this industry, forgotten what it was to give truth and a message that made you wanna rock to it and blast it through yo’ speakers. So it is only right that this day, we mark the RISE – the “Rise of the South.” We shall rise again, back to that culture we once were, that culture that allowed us to have creative balance, thought and demand!

Individuals assisting with “Rise of the South” are Martell “Sir Tell” John of PLI Global Enterprises, Vanessa Chozen Marie of Breaking the Labels and BreakIt! Distribution, Timi F. John of PLI Global, Jeffrey “The BEAsTMASTER!” McNeil of Soul Math Entertainment and BreakIt! Distribution, Gerald “G-Hizzle” Hill of PLI Global, Douglas “Young B. Seale,” of Area 57 Recording Studio, Bruce “B.McKinzy Photography” McKinzy, Etienne Coleman, Ajali Funches of Ajali Entertainment, Deep Freezz of Deep Freezz Productions and Sam Shaw.

You can find Vince “Most Wanted” Bryant at:
Mobile App: (Vince Most Wanted)
Twitter: @Vince_Bryant

You can find Faranhite and PLI Global Enterprises at:
Martell John (Sir Tell) CEO P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,

Farand John (Faranhite) Artist P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,

Gerald Hill (Ghizzle) Producer P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,


You can find Jeffrey “BEAsTMASTER!” McNeil at:


You can find Bruce B. McKinzy Photography at:


You can find Etienne Coleman (Videographer) at:


You can find Breaking the Labels at:


You can find Ajali Entertainment at:


You can find Deep Freezz Productions at:

Mistah D.R.E.D.

Mistah D.R.E.D.



Texas – 14th July 2011 – Effective Immediately – BreakIt! Distribution is proud to announce a new signing with Mistah D.R.E.D. 

Who is MISTAH D.R.E.D.? So many people have asked that question and have all taken witness to this answer. He is just as his nickname says he is “the 5 STAR GENERAL OF THE DARKSYDE NATION”, which is a conglomerate of many artists, DJ’s, and promoters dedicated to one common goal “TOTAL DOMINATION OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Complete with a high energy performance, a vicious beat camp (THA DRUM MAJAHS), which consist of Wayne “Del Connect” Baldwin from Delaware, Sedrick “S.E.D.” Hudgins (Trackmasters”) , and Lil Patron, a young prodigy in the beat making industry who has worked with the like of Lil Twist of Young Money and currently has placement within the Wu Tang Clan , MISTAH D.R.E.D., has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip hop. He currently has several features with Big Omeezy of Sick Wid It Records, and several independent artists as well. Mistah D.R.E.D. has been featured on several mixtapes also hosted by Dj’s like DJ Prince, The Real DJ’s, TUM TUM, DJ Lazy K, DJ Phaness, and also has 3 volumes of his own mixtape called the “DARKSYDE RYDA” series. He is also currently a proud member of THA 4 KINGZ who are based out of Atlanta , Ga., and consist of P.O.L.O. tha PLAYBOI, Ryan B, and Dame Daniels. MISTAH D.R.E.D. lives and breathes by one motto “GOD, FAMILY, CLAN, CODE” , which basically means God overall, family is his prize possession, he always supports the DARKSYDE NATION, and the code of honor is the only code Hell die for. MISTAH D.R.E.D. has recently signed a distribution deal with BREAKIT! Distribution and will be releasing his newest album “BIGGEST PIECE ON THA BOARD” from that label. Stay tuned fam, MISTAH D.R.E.D. is about to take the world by storm.

MISTAH D.R.E.D. can be found at ,, ,
And can be video conferenced at


BreakIt! Distribution was birthed thru  97.6 BreakIt! Radio, an affiliate of ‘Breaking the Labels and BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association’. The radio station is dedicated to giving exposure to Indie Artists and reviving Hip Hop culture of the music and rap industry. The mainstreamed outlet of BreakIt! Distribution allows 97.6 BreakIt! Radio and its affiliates to position independent artists and labels of any and every genre to compete with major artists and labels on a global level.

BreakIt! Distribution offers major distribution to over 600 media outlets, in addition to in-store CD placement, movie, film, cable and advertisement placement.

97.6 BreakIt! Radio was established on November 9, 2010 as an innovative movement and means to reach people through music. Through community relations, marketing, PR and the support of independent artists and supporters, the station has experienced a rapid growth and has been proven to be one of a kind in internet radio. The purpose of this station is to help ALL Independent Artists to gain exposure. In the process of pushing this new station, the station owners, Vanessa Chozen Marie and Vince Bryant, have infused a movement they have coined the Official Hip Hop Revolution. In addition to hosting one of the most unique and exciting Hip Hop internet radio shows, Vince and Chozen are responsible for coordinating entertainment events in the Houston area at Hot Tv. The two contend – and it shows – this organization does not put on mere showcases; they actually assist artists in promoting themselves and breaking them into the industry through promotions, giving them radio play and by providing the artists and record labels with proper tools and advice to take them to the next level.

Working together with Indie Artists, BreakIt! Distribution is ready to revive music culture globally!


To find out more about BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association, visit their website: (currently under reconstruction)
Facebook Group:
Twitter: @breaknthelabels, @vince_bryant, @beastbysadik72

BreakIt! Radio

BreakIt! Radio

BreakIt! Distribution - A BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Company

BreakIt! Distribution - A BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Company



I recently read a Facebook post written by Jarrod Mr. I Am Entertainment Dixon about the use of copyrighted materials for the production of mixtapes.  I must admit it’s one of those posts that make you think. Do I use or do I not use another person’s track or sample, for that matter, to push my career?

Mr. I am Entertainment lends these words of advice:

Aye Up & Coming Artists: I am asking you to please chill with all of the Mixtapes. While you are out here jacking for beats, here are two words you’ve probably never heard before – COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! When you use someone else’s material, whether it’s a beat, punch line, hook, or snippet of an artist, you are responsible for getting clearance/permission first and foremost. If you do not obtain the ‘right to use’ from the artist, producer(s), and/or label, you will be subject to Federal Prosecution under the Copyright laws. These individuals may choose to sue you for revenue and future royalties, as well as any money made and ‘damages’. This one act has the power to destroy your foundation before you ever finish laying it. Mixtapes have their place, but right now the market & game are OVER- SATURATED with them!! Let’s get back to making HOTT albums with HOTT SINGLES! If you want to do a mixtape, please for your sake, use your own beats! Besides, you’re attempting to get exposure for your production, showcase your rhyming skills & musical abilities. That’s not possible to do when you’re “borrowing” instrumentals.

When you have hot producers such as Jeffrey Sadik “The BEAsTMASTER – BEAsTBYSADIK” McNeil of Soulmath Entertainment and Davion “DBottz” Botts of Bottzworld Productions creating some of the hottest hits of this century, there really is no need to jump on someone else’s track. I personally know that Sadik has been working with lyrical giants such as Vince Bryant, ESG, REL the Chosen, Rap Reform Party and upcoming artists such as Buddah of Drank City Entertainment and Me La the Star.  Both of these gentlemen have impressive resumes. DBottz has worked with artists such as Mya, Scarface, Lil KeKe, Trae, Vince Bryant, C-Moe of the Narrators and Just Brittany – just to name a few. Serious artists, ready to take your careers to the next level, I would reach out to producers such as Sadik and DBottz.

As a suggestion, if you are leasing tracks or purchasing exclusive tracks from online producers, make sure you get the proper paperwork and clearances from them.

This site was not meant to provide or offer any legal advice; if you have any doubts on the use of copyrighted materials, please refer to the Copyright Infringement Laws (freely posted online – do a basic search) or seek the legal advice of an attorney.

Written by: Jarrod Mr. I Am Entertainment Dixon
Edited by: Vanessa Chozen Marie

You can reach Jarrod at:

You can reach Sadik at:

You can reach DBottz at: