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Houston “WE HAVE A PROBLEM” Breaking the Labels is hosting a FREE MUSIC INDUSTRY WORKSHOP/SEMINAR in the HOUSTON AREA… Damn what are these promoters gonna do now when you become more educated about the game.

If you are ready to become more industry SAVVY…. ready to step out of that booth to get the knowledge that will help you be successful in your career… We want to see you on Saturday, March 24th at the INDUSTRY.KNOWLEDGE = INDUSTRY.POWER (FREE WORKSHOP/SEMINAR) PRESENTED BY BREAKING THE LABELS

We are Positioning Independent Music Artists to Compete with the Majors

Performance Rights
Music Registration
Music Encoding
Music Industry Contracts
Myths About Digital Distribution

Register Early * Limited Seating
Register Online at:

For a vendor booth or to market and promote your business to any workshop participants contact Vanessa Chozen Marie at 832.969.5666 or by email:

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97.6 BreakIt! Radio is continuing to make waves in the entertainment industry; artist such as the MLP Boys (JC (Marshal Ekwuruke), Lil Red (Chris Ekwuruke), and YT Moe (Jeremy Moore)) are taking the name of 97.6 BreakIt! Radio with their Exclusive Park Promo into the community and across the nation.  Feeding the hunger of Hip Hop fans across the East Texas area is how these three Major men started there love for the music. Fusing New school with Old school flavor. Without fail they are pushing this force across the nation, supplying the demand for Fresh Style and Culture in the game; they affiliate with great DJ’s, such as DJ JCof. These artist use their hypnotizing rhythm to not only draw a crowd to groove, but also to give back. MLP Boys (Major League Profit) are not here for a fling with Hip Hop, not here to “change the game;”  taking a strong stance to revive it fully!

Check out the MLP Boys Community Shout Out to 97.6 BreakIt! Radio:

Be sure to stay on the look out for MLP Boys and 97.6 BreakIt! Radio.  To find our more on BreakIt! Radio visit or email You can also find the MLP Boys at or email Don’t forget to cop their new mixtape “Full of That.”


97.6 BreakIt! Radio Kick Off Party

97.6 BreakIt! Radio Kick Off Party

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2010, AT 9:00 PM, 97.6 BREAKIT! RADIO WILL HOST ITS OFFICIAL KICK OFF PARTY AT HOT TV, LOCATED AT 600 KENRICK DRIVE, SUITE E-16, HOUSTON, TX 77060. BreakIt! Radio invites the community out to enjoy Independent Artists as they break their talent on the Hot TV stage along with HIP HOP professionals such as K-Rino and Vince Bryant.  Also, special performing guests Golden Boy, Supa Sammy Veal, Sho Stoppa and Young Solar will blaze the stage at this hot event.


97.6 BreakIt! Radio, an affiliate of A Team Media and Broadcasting Company, stands at the forefront of making history in changing the face of entertainment as we know it. As a prominent force in their stance on a HIP HOP Revolutionary Movement, the breaking new radio station is set to revive HIP HOP globally, as well as give indie artists an avenue for exposure – breaking them into the industry.

In association with Breaking the Labels, the station owners, Vanessa Chozen Marie and Vince Bryant are dedicated to utilizing the station as a vehicle to “power” the voices of the people in many aspects. The two recognize music and entertainment as vehicles for fueling the MOVEMENT.  Through music and entertainment the two are working to positively impact their local community and abroad.

In this defining moment where all African American-owned media, entertainment and broadcasting companies are making history in Houston and the Gulf Coast Region, the owner of Hot TV (Houston’s Own Talent), Malik Rasheed, who has been a pillar in the community for surrounding artists has now moved the Hot TV Show to Channel 21 (UTN – Urban Television Network), an all African American-owned TV network. 97.6 BreakIt! Radio is proud to be a part of this historical moment, hosting the 97.6 BreakIt! Radio Kick Off Party at the very home that has been an avenue since 1999 for Houston artists to gain exposure.

97.6 BreakIt! Radio Red Carpet History Making Sponsors for this event are Nothin 2 Lose Records (Jason “JBlak” Jackson, Dwight Facey, and Justin Rimer), Real McCoy Entertainment (Blue Royale, Cori Wilikins, Shereece Campbell “MamaStackz”) and Tattoos by Kevo (Kevin Byrd). 

For more information regarding the Kick Off Party, contact (832) 969-5666 or email To become an event sponsor, vendor or to advertise your business at this event, contact Vanessa Chozen Marie at (832) 969-5666.

General Admission: $15.00
Performance Slots: $25
Open Bar and Free Buffet

For more information on Vanessa Chozen Marie or Vince Brant, visit:
Facebook: or​MostWanted/540619533
Breaking the Labels Blog Spot:
Radio Station Website: (Site is Under Construction)
Nothin 2 Lose Records:
Real McCoy Entertainment:!/pages/Real-Mccoy-Entertainment/140821552607057
Tattoos by Kevo:

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