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Houston “WE HAVE A PROBLEM” Breaking the Labels is hosting a FREE MUSIC INDUSTRY WORKSHOP/SEMINAR in the HOUSTON AREA… Damn what are these promoters gonna do now when you become more educated about the game.

If you are ready to become more industry SAVVY…. ready to step out of that booth to get the knowledge that will help you be successful in your career… We want to see you on Saturday, March 24th at the INDUSTRY.KNOWLEDGE = INDUSTRY.POWER (FREE WORKSHOP/SEMINAR) PRESENTED BY BREAKING THE LABELS

We are Positioning Independent Music Artists to Compete with the Majors

Performance Rights
Music Registration
Music Encoding
Music Industry Contracts
Myths About Digital Distribution

Register Early * Limited Seating
Register Online at:

For a vendor booth or to market and promote your business to any workshop participants contact Vanessa Chozen Marie at 832.969.5666 or by email:

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BreakIt! Distribution - A BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Company

BreakIt! Distribution - A BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Company

We are here to help position Indie Artists with competing with the majors. This distribution opportunity allows you to maintain control of your project, but have the necessary outlets and backing to gain ground in this industry… Contact me for details (



Sydney – 11th July 2011 – Effective Immediately – Blue Pie is thrilled to announce a new signing with BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association.

Blue Pie is thrilled to announce that BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association has now joined the roster.

97.6 BreakIt! Radio is an affiliate of ‘Breaking the Labels and BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association’. The radio station is dedicated to giving exposure to Indie Artists and reviving Hip Hop culture of the music and rap industry.

Each week after MixTape Mondays at the Skol Bar or after the Hip Hop Fest Events at the HOT TV Studio, BreakIt! posts Indie Artist features on the 97.6 BreakIt! Radio Feature Page. Artists who demonstrate professional readiness in this industry are highlighted on the website.

Working together with Blue Pie, BreakIt Radio is ready to revive the Hip Hop culture of the world!

To find out more about BreakIt! Radio & Broadcasting Association, visit their website:


Blue Pie, the record label, is one of Australia’s leading independent labels. The label has a wide and diverse range of alliances, global partnerships and proprietary technology that we make available to all our artists, labels and content partners. These relationships combined with our technology, systems and infrastructure allow our artists and labels to reach new and exciting fan bases and markets globally. Blue Pie is proud to represent over 80 labels and over 1300 artists worldwide.

Blue Pie’s artists include:

Bleek, The Devyl Nellys, Dale Bozzio, Dave Sharp, Serge Ermoll (ARIA Winner), Tony Hatch (Grammy Winner), Gordon Chambers (Grammy Winner), Janice Marie (Grammy Winner) Dave Evans (AC/DC), The Yeehaa Boys, Star Ship, John Enghauser, Evolution Eden, JP Ranger, Burning the Day, Sarah Saunders, the bLEED, Barry Crocker, Gordon Waller, Sheva, MLU, Dino Jag, and The Judes and to name a few.

Search on ‘blue pie’ in Google for more information.



For more information:


Press and Media Manager

Blue Pie

Unit 20 No 112 McEvoy Street

Alexandria NSW 2015

P: + 61 2 9310 0155

F: + 61 2 9310 0166




BreakIt! Radio

BreakIt! Radio

Blue Pie

Blue Pie

Books Up Streets Down Compilation

Books Up Streets Down Compilation

If you are an upcoming artist or have a business… you have the ability to rocket launch your career or products and help youth at the same time. Read the details and respond to the email at the end of this post if you are business-minded, career ready!

What is the Books Up Streets Down Program
The Books Up Streets Down program encompasses an innovative way to engage youth in music to enhance positive strides and growth in their educational development. Thru the program we ignite the youth to stay focused on school. The program revolves around the arts and entertainment. We host events and bring volunteers to the schools to mentor youth and provide support to teachers and administration. Additionally, we host special events to raise community awareness and funds for the youth for books, resources, computer software and supplies. Saving Our Children Foundation (SOCF) offers a host of programs that we incorporate within the schools. More information on the programs we offer can be found on the SOCF Website.

Our major goals over the next year include:
•Serving all of the Apollo 20 Schools (5, High Schools, 4 Middle Schools, 11 Elementary Schools)
•Incorporate other schools in the Greater Houston/Fort Bend County area into the program
•Tour additional schools nationwide throughout the school year to implement the Books Up Streets Down program in other states
•Raising funds to purchase books and resources for low-performing schools
•Decreasing dropout rates
•Decreasing homelessness amongst youth
•Raising test scores

How Will Any Of This Help You As An Artist Or A Business
Innovate your entire approach!!!! Simple… easy… cost effective… and POWERFUL!!!!! Whether you are a business, artist, author, poet, DJ…. if you are in need of MARKETING and PROMOTIONS that WORK, this is a great opportunity for you! We will directly market your product to the public; placing your product directly into the hands of a potential customer or fan.

ARE YOU PURCHASING FLYERS TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC or BUSINESS??? STOP FOR A MOMENT and GET ON A DIGITAL COMPILATION that will NOT ONLY PROMOTE YOU BUT LOCK CUSTOMERS IN! Our products don’t end up on the ground or ran over in parking lots at clubs and grocery stores.

ARTISTS: This Opportunity gets you radio play on 97.6 BreakIt! Radio and REGISTERED INTERNET STATIONS that we have pre-screened to get you PAID for your SPINS… ADDITIONALLY you have the ABILITY to SIGN UP for DISTRIBUTION with AIN Music & Distribution, a digital distribution company that can place you in over 600 Media Markets!!!!

BUSINESSES: This opportunity will get you a radio drop on 97.6 BreakIt! Radio ran twice daily for a month.

Are flyers or even Facebook and Twitter posts doing that… I doubt it!!!!! Very few people gain success with these methods alone. Now imagine… you can get innovative marketing for the same cost of 1,000 Flyers!!!! 1,000 Compilation Copies with your project reaching customers DIGITALLY!!!!! The INFORMATION AGE is the NEW KEY!!!

How Will the Compilation Help the Youth and Books Up Streets Down
The Compilations are utilized as give-a-ways to the public. As we promote you we also raise awareness for the program. Skilled volunteers, solicit donations from those who we market to directly. Customers do not have to make a contribution to receive the product, but many do. Those donations help finance the Books Up Streets Down programs. Additionally, give-a-ways are also utilized as incentives for students to succeed in school.

How Much Will the Digital Compilation Cost
1 30-Second Commercial   $25
2 Songs                                       $100
1 Professional Video            $100
1 Photo Gallery (10 pix)     $50
1 Product Brochure              $25

How Much For Digital Distribution
Access to over 600 Media Outlets     $50

What Does The Cost Include
1,000 Digital Compilation Copies
Direct Marketing of Your Product
Professional Presentation
Backed By a Credible Foundation
If You Choose Distribution – Complete Upload of an Album or Single to over 600 Media Outlets

(**Note: If you would like to purchase a unique product outside of the compilation to include the marketing, please advise us and we will work out a package)

Those who are ready to INNOVATE YOUR MARKETING Email: