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Vince Most Wanted of Wartime Music and Faranhite of Playa Like Individuals Dropping Their Collaborative Album “Rise of the South” January 15, 2013!!!!

Breaking the Labels is proud to announce the COMING of the “Rise of the South” – a prolific Hip Hop music collaboration on the parts of Vince “Most Wanted” Bryant and Farand “Faranhite” John. The two are leading a project that is set to bring Southern Hip Hop back to the age of the Ghetto Boys and the Pimp C’s that we loved so much. Rise of the South is set for world-wide digital music and video distribution through BreakIt! Distribution.

The project is setting the tone for other artists to step up their game. It’s time to give the people better quality music, more selections and a balance. “Rise of the South” is as invigorating as its title! It’s going to infuse the community with a sense of ownership and power when it comes to getting what they want from the Entertainment community! No, this project is not about preaching a message, although there is a great message behind it all! This album will give us something to ride to and think about, all at the same time! With dynamic track selections by The BEAsTMASTER!, G-Hizzle, BLACSMITH and Young B. Seale, the people are going to get an explosion of hot music and lyrics. Listening sessions have already proven the project is attractive for all age groups!

Today, June 16th marks the birth of a genius, a hip hop warrior and martyr in this industry, Tupac A. Shakur. Since Tupac’s death, many artists have long forgotten his passion in this industry, forgotten what it was to give truth and a message that made you wanna rock to it and blast it through yo’ speakers. So it is only right that this day, we mark the RISE – the “Rise of the South.” We shall rise again, back to that culture we once were, that culture that allowed us to have creative balance, thought and demand!

Individuals assisting with “Rise of the South” are Martell “Sir Tell” John of PLI Global Enterprises, Vanessa Chozen Marie of Breaking the Labels and BreakIt! Distribution, Timi F. John of PLI Global, Jeffrey “The BEAsTMASTER!” McNeil of Soul Math Entertainment and BreakIt! Distribution, Gerald “G-Hizzle” Hill of PLI Global, Douglas “Young B. Seale,” of Area 57 Recording Studio, Bruce “B.McKinzy Photography” McKinzy, Etienne Coleman, Ajali Funches of Ajali Entertainment, Deep Freezz of Deep Freezz Productions and Sam Shaw.

You can find Vince “Most Wanted” Bryant at:
Mobile App: (Vince Most Wanted)
Twitter: @Vince_Bryant

You can find Faranhite and PLI Global Enterprises at:
Martell John (Sir Tell) CEO P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,

Farand John (Faranhite) Artist P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,

Gerald Hill (Ghizzle) Producer P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,


You can find Jeffrey “BEAsTMASTER!” McNeil at:


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You can find Etienne Coleman (Videographer) at:


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97.6 BreakIt Radio All Star Weekend

97.6 BreakIt Radio All Star Weekend


SATURDAY, March 19, 2011, AT 7:00 PM, 97.6 BREAKIT! RADIO WILL HOST THE ALL-STAR WEEKEND and CYPHER AT HOT TV, LOCATED AT 600 KENRICK DRIVE, SUITE E-16, HOUSTON, TX 77060. BreakIt! Radio invites the community out to enjoy Independent Artists as they break their talent on the HOT TV stage as we stream them live before the world and special guests.

On March 19, 2011, 97.6 BreakIt! Radio will host another hot event right in the Houston area  to support Independent Artists all over the Gulf Coast Region. 97.6 BreakIt! Radio is first in this industry to stream a live show directly to A&R contacts at the majors! 97.6 made HOT TV their home for hosting events that will help Indie Artists gain exposure and advance their careers. The station owners, Vanessa Chozen Marie and Vince Bryant, contend, and it shows, this organization does not put on mere showcases; they actually assist artists in promoting themselves and breaking them into the industry through promotions, giving them radio play and by providing artists and record labels with proper tools and advice to take them to the next level.

This event will be another to remember. Where else can you go get free “real” food, free drinks, great entertainment and a fun atmosphere for only $15.00.  Cost Is 2 for $20 before 9PM. 97.6 BreakIt! Radio is setting a tone to push competitors to step up their game.

97.6 BreakIt! Radio stands at the forefront of making history in changing the face of entertainment as we know it. As a prominent force in their stance on a HIP HOP Revolutionary Movement, the breaking new radio station is set to revive HIP HOP globally.

The 97.6 BreakIt! Radio HIP HOP FEST is sponsored by Signature Drinks (a sassy yet classy ladies bartending service), One21Ten (Deejay and sound services), Signature Drinks, Strictly Making Paper Entertainment (S.M.P.) , P.L.I. Global Enterprises and Shameikia Strickland and Frederickk Lawton of Acid Reign Entertainment and Mr. Lawton Records. There will be a super Hip Hop mix provided by Gene Bogany of One21Ten.. There will be powerful special guest performances by Vince, Most’Wanted Bryant, Goldenboy, B-Dub of Strictly Making Paper Entertainment, Playa Like Individuals (P.L.I.) of P.L.I. Global Enterprises and Lil Cayne. There will be a super Hip Hop mix provided by Gene Bogany of One21Ten.

In association with Breaking the Labels, the station owners are dedicated to utilizing the station as a vehicle to “power” the voices of the people in many aspects. The two recognize music and entertainment as vehicles for fueling the MOVEMENT.  Through music and entertainment the two are working to positively impact their local community and abroad.

In this defining moment when African American-owned media, entertainment and broadcasting companies are making history in Houston and the Gulf Coast Region, the owner of HOT TV (Houston’s Own Talent), Malik Rasheed, who has been a pillar in the community for surrounding artists has now moved the HOT TV Show to Channel 21 (UTN – Urban Television Network), an African American-owned TV network. 97.6 BreakIt! Radio is proud to be a part of this historical moment, hosting the 97.6 BreakIt! Radio All-Star Weekend event and CYPHER at the very home that has been an avenue since 1999 for Houston artists to gain exposure.

For more information regarding Live Stream II, contact (832) 969-5666 or email To become an event sponsor, vendor or to advertise your business at this event, contact Vanessa Chozen Marie at (832) 969-5666.

General Admission: $15.00 or 2 for $20 before 9PM (Does not apply to performing artists)
Performance Slots: $25
Open Bar and Free Buffet

For more information on Vanessa Chozen Marie or Vince Brant, visit:
Facebook: or
Breaking the Labels Blog Spot:
Radio Station Website:
Signature Drinks:
One21Ten:, and
Strictly Making Paper Entertainment (S.M.P.):,,,, For more information contact: Manager Big Feezie at 337.212.4206,
P.L.I. Global Enterprises: and For more information contact: Martell John at
Acid Reign Entertainment: For more information contact Shameikia Stricklland at or 972-804-1007