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"Fuck You Pay Me" THE MIXTAPEIt is only proper that at the drop of his highly anticipated project, “Fuck You Pay Me” THE MIXTAPE, Vince Most Wanted gave an exclusive interview to 97.6 BreakIt! Radio. Vince discusses the whole concept of the project (the relation to the Geto Boys) and all of those who featured on the mixtape. He also tells why he chose the features and production team that he chose. The response to the first drop of his CLASSIC project has proven that Houston and the world are ready for a change in this industry of MUSIC. Check out his exclusive interview and get behind a true artist in his quest to restore Real Hip Hop.

SEE what the rest of the world is raving about. The project is available to listen at:

Purchase “Fuck You Pay Me” THE MIXTAPE at:
Check the Interview out on YouTube:  Vince Most Wanted’s Exclusive Interview with 97.6 BreakIt! Radio about “Fuck You Pay Me” THE MIXTAPE
Click the link to hear the ENTIRE MIXTAPE:

This is just the beginning of taking the GAME back… All you lame characters betta step out the way cause we came to lay you down!!!! King Micheal Walls aka Mr. Mike, Vince Most’Wanted, Chozen and Young B. Seale…. they ain’t ready for this!!!!!!! I don’t even get on tracks like this anymore… but you can’t deny a real collabo!!!!!! Stay tuned for more!!!!!
Every time I close my eyes… I can’t help but realize… that they hating me and faking on me…. Check that new joint out… if you ever had haters…. you gone relate to this one!!!!