Vince Most Wanted of Wartime Music and Faranhite of Playa Like Individuals Dropping Their Collaborative Album “Rise of the South” January 15, 2013!!!!

Breaking the Labels is proud to announce the COMING of the “Rise of the South” – a prolific Hip Hop music collaboration on the parts of Vince “Most Wanted” Bryant and Farand “Faranhite” John. The two are leading a project that is set to bring Southern Hip Hop back to the age of the Ghetto Boys and the Pimp C’s that we loved so much. Rise of the South is set for world-wide digital music and video distribution through BreakIt! Distribution.

The project is setting the tone for other artists to step up their game. It’s time to give the people better quality music, more selections and a balance. “Rise of the South” is as invigorating as its title! It’s going to infuse the community with a sense of ownership and power when it comes to getting what they want from the Entertainment community! No, this project is not about preaching a message, although there is a great message behind it all! This album will give us something to ride to and think about, all at the same time! With dynamic track selections by The BEAsTMASTER!, G-Hizzle, BLACSMITH and Young B. Seale, the people are going to get an explosion of hot music and lyrics. Listening sessions have already proven the project is attractive for all age groups!

Today, June 16th marks the birth of a genius, a hip hop warrior and martyr in this industry, Tupac A. Shakur. Since Tupac’s death, many artists have long forgotten his passion in this industry, forgotten what it was to give truth and a message that made you wanna rock to it and blast it through yo’ speakers. So it is only right that this day, we mark the RISE – the “Rise of the South.” We shall rise again, back to that culture we once were, that culture that allowed us to have creative balance, thought and demand!

Individuals assisting with “Rise of the South” are Martell “Sir Tell” John of PLI Global Enterprises, Vanessa Chozen Marie of Breaking the Labels and BreakIt! Distribution, Timi F. John of PLI Global, Jeffrey “The BEAsTMASTER!” McNeil of Soul Math Entertainment and BreakIt! Distribution, Gerald “G-Hizzle” Hill of PLI Global, Douglas “Young B. Seale,” of Area 57 Recording Studio, Bruce “B.McKinzy Photography” McKinzy, Etienne Coleman, Ajali Funches of Ajali Entertainment, Deep Freezz of Deep Freezz Productions and Sam Shaw.

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Gerald Hill (Ghizzle) Producer P.L.I. Global Enterprises, ,


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"Fuck You Pay Me" THE MIXTAPEIt is only proper that at the drop of his highly anticipated project, “Fuck You Pay Me” THE MIXTAPE, Vince Most Wanted gave an exclusive interview to 97.6 BreakIt! Radio. Vince discusses the whole concept of the project (the relation to the Geto Boys) and all of those who featured on the mixtape. He also tells why he chose the features and production team that he chose. The response to the first drop of his CLASSIC project has proven that Houston and the world are ready for a change in this industry of MUSIC. Check out his exclusive interview and get behind a true artist in his quest to restore Real Hip Hop.

SEE what the rest of the world is raving about. The project is available to listen at:

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I have visited popular wastelands
Bolden places with familiar faces
Mystical traces of war and death
No one questions it however deprived it is left
Wastelands of freedom where you really have no choice
Where life is just as simple as abortion
And we are living in spiritual discourse
Wastelands of marriage where adultery is a common drug
No respect for the covenant of life
Reliving death shot down by slugs
I have visited popular wastelands
Flared veins dope fiends insane
Who’s to blame in this sea of despair
Call it drugs or government see no one cares
Their too busy being silent
Not wanting to go there
I have visited popular wastelands
Back alleyways minds are crazed
Kids never phased wallowing in disrespect
They don’t know they are the future of the last ones left
In wastelands of poverty surrounded by TV
Teaching nothing but how to succumb to slavery
Slavery of their own thinking
Dark minds impeaching
Every gift of intellect
That could raise them out of death
Yeah I visited popular wastelands
And I couldn’t stand the stench
Many standing in the midst of it catching a whiff
Acting as if
There is no sign of decomposition
Not even willing to listen or read the signs
Saying putrescible waste
Instead they stay
I’ve visited popular wastelands
Old and dilapidated memories faded
Walls tainted I can’t stay there
My senses have made me intrinsically aware
Gotta leave this place before it consumes me
I will never be popular and wasted away to a place that never knew me
Yeah I visited popular wastelands

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